Find the right charging solution for your electric vehicle!

Find the right charging solution for your electric vehicle!

How not to get lost in the world of EV chargers?

It can be overwhelming to find the best fit for your needs if you are totally new to the world of electric vehicles. 

Let’s clear the basics of EV chargers. In fact, technically speaking an EV charger is an “electric vehicle supply equipment” (EVSE for short) that supplies power to your car, which charges the car’s battery using a “built-in charger” that is actually inside the vehicle. We’ll keep it simple and call them chargers as most people do. 

Generally, there are 3 main categories of electric vehicle supply equipment (“chargers”):

  • Home charging cable
  • Street fast charging cable (for public fast charging cables)
  • Home fast charging “Wallbox” (with tethered or untethered charging cable)

In the above main categories, there are several sub-categories based on performance, the type of the plug, cable lenght etc. 

choose the right charger or cable

choose the right charger or cable

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You can order your charging equipment from the comfort of your home, which our delivery partner will deliver within a few days.


In addition to high quality, we also attach an extremely important role to the competitiveness of our prices.


Our charging equipment is available with a short delivery time.


Protecting our environment is the main goal of our company. Do it yourself and enjoy the possibilities offered by electric cars!

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do you have any question?

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